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Post has published by Vera Schneider

The game is set in the Supernatural Universe from the tv-series of the same name.

In this world urban legends, folklore and religious myths are born from reality in a very literal sense. Events and beings are real, but the world in general doesn’t know that. The truth has been altered or distorted, becoming everything from children’s stories to world religions.

Underneath the surface of what the general public knows or is able to uncover, is a world filled with supernatural beings, monsters and deities. Even God, Death, reapers, demons and celestial beings are entities that exist, and can choose to walk the earth.

The tales that are documented in folklore, history, religious texts and by the occult sciences form the reality of the world. Even things that might not seem supernatural, can in truth have everything to do with it. The supernatural beings and forces have shaped the world, and to keep a general balance and peace, the humans are quite ignorant about most of it.

In this world the beings that can be encountered change in accordance to where you happen to be located. Much like flora and fauna, the supernatural isn’t all same everywhere. These are the deities, spirits and monsters that earlier generations lived with, and which shaped the cultural heritages, folklore and religions. Greek Gods resided in Greece, Norse Gods in Scandinavia. With modernization and globalization some beings might have relocated time and again, but their roots are where the lore says.

Many of these beings are sentient, even human-like, able to blend in or smart enough to not be seen unless they want to. With the modernization of the world, and with humans losing touch with religion, “superstitions” and old habits, the supernatural have both become more unreal and much closer to humans than before.

Most humans don’t know or believe enough to have defenses agains anything, but they also keep their sanity and distance by writing off things as something else.

Hexagram Men of Letters symbol

While the world of Supernatural is based on actual stories and beliefs, it maintains a respectful approach and does not attempt to criticize or make fun of anyone’s religion.

In TMWDK we maintain this approach, and make it our mission to not expand any lore to cover religions and cultures without collaborating with someone representing them.

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