The Monster We Don't Know

The Game

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The Experience

The Monster We Don’t Know is a role-playing game which combines online RPG, live-action playing and co-creation. The game contains elements of exploration, puzzle solving and scavenger hunts.

TMWDK is set in the Supernatural Universe and takes into account canon events, but no canon characters appear as player or non-player characters. Participation doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the series. All relevant information is readable on the website. This is an unofficial, non-profit, fan created project, and has no affiliation with the series or the CW Network.

The game is global and people can join in on the online playing and co-creation from anywhere. Live-action playing requires a local game runner. If a local group doesn’t exist, one can be created.

The Monster We Don’t Know is based on shared and local stories, which entwine as the big mystery of the game is solved. It will take everyone. The more active factions the game has, the more plots and story will be created by the players and runners.

The game has five episodes, which are broken down into scenes. Some scenes, for example live-action ones, require signing up and pre-scheduling with co-runners. Playing is always opt-in activity and the only minimum requirement is, that no plots get stuck if a player opts out, but that these are moved over to others first.



Participating in The Monster We Don’t Know can be as much about creating the game as it can be about playing it. It’s possible to just join in for just playing, being creative or running the game.

Each player portrays one character which is co-created with the game runners. A player can stay solo or join a local faction, if one exists. This affects what kind of play is possible to join.

Factions are run by co-runners, who are responsible for coordinating bigger plot events into the faction’s own story and overseeing the advancement of those plots. The capacity in which one co-runs the game can vary from simply helping in practicalities to writing the game with us.

If the big picture is what’s interesting, it is also possible to start designing and plotting the main storyline.

Design Doc

The comprehensive handbook of The Monster We Don’t Know details how the project is created and run, and how to best participate. The document is a living thing, updated as we figure out the best ways to do this.

Read the Design Document here.

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