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The Celestial

The Celestial

Post has published by Vera Schneider

The Celestial beings are God, his peers and the angels. Heaven is the hall of God, the home of his angels and the resting place of souls committed there. Each soul generates their own personal heaven within heaven, which the angels supervise and keep safe.

The order and names of angels are based on the Abrahamic religions, and the magic used by, for and agains angels is based on Western esoteric traditions and occult sciences. Angels use the Enochian language amongst themselves, but are able to pick up any human language quickly by possessing vessels.



Angels are powerful, highly intelligent and militant, obedient beings, who are used to following orders and their mission. There are several castes of angels, from high ranking to low ranking.

The true forms of angels can be vast, “roughly the size of the Chrysler Building”, but those can’t be perceived by normal human beings. If an angel wants to walk the earth, they need to possess a willing human vessel. An angel cannot posses a human without permission.

The highest ones are archangels, followed by seraphim, grigori, rit zien, the host and cherubs. The host is God’s army of high-level lieutenants and commanders, and lower level warriors.

In the supernatural realm all angels are extremely powerful beings, with archangels being nearly Godlike in their powers. Angels aren’t a common thing to encounter, but they are relatively well understood and documented.

Angels can be summoned, prayed to, trapped and warded against by simple spells and sigils. Their power resides in their Grace, the source of their magic, which they can also lose in some occasions, making them de facto humans. An angel in full power can only be killed by other beings as powerful, or by an angel blade through their hearts. After death an angel goes to a place called The Empty, which isn’t Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. It simply is, dark and empty.


A brief history of the Celestial

(The most ancient stuff here isn’t general knowledge to player characters, and requires deep understanding of ancient lore. Newer events are described here as they are generally known.)

The highest order of beings in the universe are the primordial entities. These entities existed before the creation of the universe, and are nigh-omnipotent. The first to exist was the Darkness, who was followed by God and the Four Horsemen. God created the archangels, who are the lowest tier of primordial entities and highest tier of angels.

All primordial entities have, to varying degrees, the ability to create, warp and destroy reality. The only not primordial being capable of holding a higher power is a nephilim of an archangel.

After God created the archangels, they fought a war against the Darkness and locked it up. Following the war God created this earth, the other angels, and eventually humans.

But one of the archangels, Lucifer, could not love what his father had created and refused to serve humanity. For this he was banished and hell was created. Lucifer brought into being the first demons (white-eyed demons), the Princes of Hell (yellow-eyed demons) and the knights of Hell. It’s unclear wether Lucifer was able to rule before he was locked away behind the 66 seals, doomed to exist in captivity until the end of days.

It’s not clear what has happened in the recent years, but to the Men of Letters it is at least known that many archangels have been killed in the recent years. Very likely including Lucifer. American legacies are generally thought to be behind this, though it’s beyond anyone’s comprehension how and why they face off with beings of this level.

One thing is know throughout the world by supernatural experts: the angels fell in 2013, and they fell all around the world. Many have never been able to return to Heaven for the lack of wings and portals, and have since warred with each other on earth. Warring factions formed and fell, until apparently a kind of peaceful resolution and new leadership was established, and only small skirmishes and isolated angel incidents still occur.

The Archangel Sigil. Sigils combined with the use of Enochian language is a common form of magic used by and for angels.

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