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The amount of players is limited by the amount of co-runners we have to facilitate them. In the first wave we will have an open sign up for both runners and players.

Pure online participation is more easily manageable to us, but even those spots aren’t limitless. Spots are dealt out first come first serve, but according to our runner pool. We will take on board everyone that we have a game runner for, so this might mean that in some areas we can have less and in some areas more players.

Please note: If we have a reason to suspect a sign up isn’t genuine, or that the person signing up is a threat to the safety of others, we keep the right to choose our participants. 

Episode 1: Misgivings

Open sign up for players and game runners

Sign up as a player, to co-create or join as a game runner to start a new faction!

Sign up process

Fill out the sign up form. It’s the same one for players and other participation roles. You can let us know about all the things you are interested in doing. When onboarding begins, we’ll start sending out invitations to join in. For players this means filling out the character form, for other roles this means an invitation to the dev groups, website and Discord. Players conceptualize their own characters at this point, but these will be completed only after the onboarding period.


Onboarding period

Once we’ve received a character form it will be processed by the Elder devs and Game runners. This can take a day or a week, we won’t know exactly, and it’ll be different for each character. The new character will be tied to plots and other characters, and we’ll create a Character sheet document, which will be shared between the player and runners. With this you’ll also be invited to create a profile for the website and join the Discord server.



We will waitlist the participants that don’t immediately get a spot. The ones waitlisted from the initial sign up are prioritized, but again it’s up to the amount and location of co-runners how we can onboard people. Sign ups for players will close for a period while an episode runs, and re-open once we’re ready to process and include new characters.

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