The Monster We Don't Know


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The Monster We Don’t Know is all about flexibility and inclusivity, so it can fit changing and challenging circumstances of the players and other participants. For this there are as few requirements as possible for participation.

You will need internet access, a Google account, Discord and a little time. And you need to communicate well. That’s pretty much it. Anything above this is up to you. We do encourage documentation through pictures and videos, but understand that it’s not equally possible for everyone. 

The game doesn’t have a set minimum requirement in terms of gear, time or other resources. The only requirement in this regard is that you don’t doze off on plots, but finish the scenes you’ve signed up for and hand over plots before going MIA.

No participation fee

There won’t be a mandatory participation fee. All contributions of time and other resources are voluntary.

Donations might be made possible in the future.

May 2020

The game is expected to start running around the turn of month between May and June. It will begin with a series of scenes run online (not everyone plays every scene). First live scenes start running gradually after that depending on local scheduling between players and co-runners.

Open ending point

The entire game will have around five episodes, which will run as long as they need to. However the game runners try to aim at a duration of 1 month / episode.

You can participate in as much or as little as you wish.

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