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Participation roles

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This is an introduction to all the ways The Monster We Don’t Know can be participated in. We’ve created some roles people can take on and combine. Find the things that tickle your fancy and get in touch!


A player is someone who has a player character in the game. This can be combined with some other roles, although we really don’t encourage player characters for the Highest Levels of Knowledge.

There is no minimum requirement for the amount of time you put into this game as a player, but we do expect common courtesy towards the experience of other players. This means (decency and manners) no dozing off on plots before going MIA, but remembering to involve others in them first. Players are the reason this project exists, which means as a player you are valued and cared for.



This role can mean many things and it’s also the easiest to combine with other roles (it can also exist solo). Being a co-creator means that you want to put your creativeness and enthusiasm to use for the good of the realm.

You might write, craft, draw, create content or even take a swing at posting on social media for the project. Honestly, we don’t know what your interests are, so we couldn’t give you all possible examples. This role can be done globally and without getting spoiled by any plots.

It’s also possible to have All The Spoilers and help the Elder devs and co-runners in creating mind blowing game content for upcoming scenes. But we don’t recommend playing if you do this. Seriously though, it’s worth considering. There’s some pretty cool stuff to be done.

Elder dev

Much like the elder members of the Men of Letters, the Elder devs are the ones who access the Highest Levels of Knowledge. Elder devs don’t grow in numbers very fast, but every now and then they initiate new members who are ready to carry the burden of All The Wisdom. Becoming an Elder dev requires love for the overall picture and an inherent interest in making this a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Elder dev responsibilities:

  • Main plot and plot breakdowns
  • Overview of character management
  • Website and Discord administration
  • Player support and safety
  • Community management

Game runner (aka co-runners)

Game runners are the ones who actually make this thing work. If it was left to just the Elders Devs, we’d have a bunch of ideas and nothing happening. They work together tightly, and sometimes the roles overlap. Game runners put the plots into action by crafting scenes out of them and running them for the players. Game runners are the neurotransmitters between the players and story. 

Not all co-runners do all of the following things, but as a whole this is what they do:

  • Scene plotting and planning
  • Running scenes for players
  • Tending to character sheets with love and care
  • Faction leadership
  • Coordinating scenes and being kind to players

Team Bob

Team Bob is exactly what it sounds like, if you’ve watched Supernatural. Members of Team Bob are  Game runners and Elder devs who also play recurring NPC characters. These characters are the Bob Singers of this game.

They are the grumpy surrogate parents who have answers to your questions, but are happy to let you handle the work. Team Bob responsibilities are pretty much just being there in-game when the ride is tough. 



A shapeshifter is someone who plays multiple NPC’s throughout the game. They can also have other roles, but we don’t encourage combining with the roles of player or Team Bob.


You clearly lack anything better to do if you want to become a seraph, but the celestial forces are always on the hunt for someone who wants to help carry the proverbial Flame of Olympus to the mountain top.

To put it into less metaphorical terms: a seraph is a head of this project. It means responsibility. Loads of it. It also requires some experience in running a project like this. If this is you, let’s talk. 

There’s currently only one seraph, but this isn’t The Highlander, so you won’t be knifed for wanting to take one of the reins.

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