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Faction Zeta

Post has published by Vera Schneider

The Zeta coexistence

Faction Zeta cover Eastern Europe from the Balkans to Greece.

There is a reason why graphic old ladies offer trinkets for protection before you embark on a scenic trekking trip in these parts of the world or why they spit at you as a blessing. There is a reason why a blue eye is worn for good luck, why on the night of Good Saturday a cross is marked with flame at the top of doorways and why eggs are painted a bloody red for Easter Day. These are not superstitions or remnants of bygone eras. These are rituals to appease, to expel and to protect, against some of the oldest spirits, gods and demi-gods that still roam the modern world.

Be it because of the thousands of years of mortal traditions or their own manipulations to exactly forge such enduring customs, these supernatural entities are so deeply rooted into the cultures of the people here that they are, for better or worse, a part of it. Local cultures have grown around their existence and at the same time the more cunning or mild-mannered of supernatural entities have evolved around this principal. The oldest and wisest, even if not truly benevolent, entities understood the dangers of progress and have either adapted or managed to stall it, in some cases even drafting meticulous agreements with those that would hunt them. 

Local Zeta MoL and Hunters know this truth and mostly accept it. Their self-appointed role is to act as moderators and mediators between the mortal and supernatural, making sure that things never escalate and both sides know their limits. They are comprised in earnest by numerous smaller groups, which sometimes can trace their origins to the very clergy of a minor deity that they now monitor, keeping the coexistence alive through multiple bargains with the most powerful of supernaturals, while policing those elements that do not abide to the rules of the Coexistence.

Throughout history, this has caused many talks of treason, their arguments however are two: First, the coexistence has offered immense knowledge to the fight. What better source of supernatural lore than the supernatural itself, they argue? Second, the simple reality is that before the herculean task of eliminating the supernatural entirely from the area (possibly literally, as Hercules’ fate is unknown), none have offered a true and viable solution, tactic or even approach. 

Both arguments have proved difficult to counter and thus Zetas are begrudgingly accepted as an immense source of lore, even if not celebrated as members of the Men of Letters. Many are those that consider the Zetas “compromised” by their own cultures and for this reason in recent decades, more and more agents and hunters from other Factions are sent here, possibly at the subtle urges of the BMoL, to bring fresh eyes, unhindered by the influence of being raised in the very cultures, traditions and mentality the supernatural is hiding behind.



The Zeta MoL and Hunters are considered oddities at best, traitors at worse, but an undeniable source of lore and supernatural gossip. Few would openly contact them for advice or guidance but many have in extreme circumstances. To the careful observer, there is one element that would raise some eyebrows and turn eyes and ears towards Zeta: The Pandemic seems to have been much kinder here, so far…

Faction Zeta is identified through two Greek zeta letters mirroring, back to back.

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