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Faction Alpha

Post has published by Vera Schneider

The Northernmost Faction

…of the Men of Letters is the European Faction Alpha. Generally regarded as a faction with exceptionally close relationships to their hunters, they are also known for their eccentric, almost democratic way of operating.

While the Brits and Gamma run military-like operations, Alpha has quite low hierarchies, keeping only in part to the original system of operatives, elders and knowledge levels. Much to the constant annoyance of HQ. This is often attributed to the fact that their area is not the busiest in monster activity, and the Men of Letters have always worked more with exploring the natural and ancient myths and magic of the area. 

The faction is not very big in numbers, but the sparsity means more area is covered by each operative. Alpha has a few Elders, a couple of which have attended the Kendricks Academy in Britain (an experience they don’t easily talk about). In Faction Alpha elders don’t form an elite club like they sometimes do elsewhere, but they are set apart by more experience and knowledge, which they distribute with more openness than HQ would like. 

The Faction Alpha is identified by two futhark runes: mann (man, self, individual) and ansuz (god, oak, symbolizing a revealing message or insight and the search for wisdom).

The hunters in Faction Alpha territory are known to rely on arrow-like bind runes for protection. These draw from their protectors Tapio and Skadi, and Skadi’s rune isaz (challenge, frustration, patience, enforcing of other runes).

Like almost everywhere in the world

…hunters in Faction Alpha territory have all ended up in their line of duty for different reasons. Some because they found out about things through tragedy, and either want to do good or avenge. Some because they were born into the family business in a hunter or operative family. Some simply were interested, dug in, found out, and started working. The community is born organically and usually covers the entire land, and to some extent crosses borders, at least through the involvement of Men of Letters.

Hunters across a country see themselves as a large, chosen family, with some more closer knit communities forming here and there. Some hunters still hold other day jobs and have families, but many simply dedicate their lives to the business. It’s a hard life and often not a very long one. No one gets rich or has a lot of comforts, but they usually find fulfillment that they wouldn’t otherwise find.

Hunters have varying opinions on the Men of Letters, and the British headquarters are generally distrusted. The local operatives of Faction Alpha are, depending on who you ask and about whom, regarded as part of the family or at least a distant colleague. Apart from a few cases of bad history everyone is able to be civil and work together. On a good day. When things get bad, distrust towards operatives rises and hunters feel less inclined to take orders.

The British Men of Letters regard hunters as pretty much animals and a means to an end. And while Faction Alpha has a very different attitude, hunters can easily get annoyed by the thought of being commanded by them. Hunters as individuals can be anything, but as a group they are inward warming and a little prideful.

Many Alpha Hunters identify themselves as being close to Norse and Finnish mythology, and they often wear arrow insignia, which symbolizes the Norse jötunn Skadi, the goddess of hunting and ice, and her futhark isaz. The Finnish often combine an arrow with a bear to symbolize Tapio, the spirit of the forest, whom hunters turned to for good hunting luck.

Alpha operatives don’t have such a close relationship to ancient religions, and some simply don’t think it’s a good idea. The hunters believe it keeps the powerful beings on their side to have respect toward them, and that hunters were always meant to uphold the balance between the Gods and man in the north.

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