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Creating a Faction

Post has published by Vera Schneider

No active players in your area? No faction to join?

No worries.

We’ve started creating factions and background according to the areas where we have co-runners and most players. This doesn’t mean we don’t want to expand the game and world.


What if I’m the only player here?

Do you want to play online and join another faction or be an individual character not tied to a faction? That’s perfectly fine.

You can also help the core team to develop background for the area you represent. We’d love to have local people develop history and characteristics for their area, since we don’t personally represent those cultures and would feel weird about deciding on stuff entirely for you.

By helping us bring in new lore, you’d be doing a huge service for us. It will help us in expanding plots and creating new ones that you can then play, or if you wan, run.

I just want to play and represent my area. I’ve got no interest in creating world stuff.

Then you might have to wait a little longer to be invited to join. Anything we need to create entirely from scratch will extend the period of time that it takes us to bring you on board. Any bones you could proactively throw our way will help in this. If you don’t throw any, then we will just have to work on things in the order and capacity that makes sense for the rest of the game.


I’m interested in creating the background stuff, but I don’t want to run the game.

No worries! Helping us write the game is a huge help! We might not be able to create a ton of plots and play for splintered areas, and the amount of runners we have will only stretch so far. But if you’re on board with writing stuff for us, we’ll definitely do our best to involve the new area in our story the best we can.


I can also join in co-running some stuff.

You’re hired! We’d be happy to bring you on board and give you ownership over developing the new areal faction, new plots and help us tie them to our story! You can opt in or opt out of running live-scenes.

Having an established runner for a location will likely make it easier to have other locals to join in!

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