The Monster We Don't Know


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Elder dev e-mail: tmwdk.rpg @


The TMWDK Discord server is for all participants (invite only). You cannot opt out of using Discord, unfortunately. It’s used for both in- and off-game communication. In-game discussion channels include ones for character groups, factions and in-game organizations (all restricted access). Off-game channels include ones restricted for developers and game runners, as well as content creator channels and general discussion areas.


The TMWDK Youtube channel is where we upload both in-game and off-game content. In-game videos are unlisted, and are published only if they’re posted in the Hunter’s Journal. Off-game stuff will focus on the co-creation process and development of the game.


Follow our behind the scenes action and story progress updates on out Instagram account. We promise goofiness and highlights!

This is purely off-game and meant to highlight the work our team of volunteer creators are doing. No game content is released in Instagram to be found by characters.


We share alerts, progress updates and social media content on our Facebook page. Players are free to create their own groups in Facebook, if everyone involved agrees to it, but the game won’t have official groups so communications don’t spread out unevenly between different forums.
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