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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This is the non-negotiable word of the Elder devs and you shall obey

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Please read this page and take it to heart.

We’re deadly serious about this stuff. If you ignore the Code of Conduct and become an assbutt, we won’t hesitate to end your participation in TMWDK.


Zero tolerance for harassment or bullying

We tolerate no bullying, harassment or attacks of any other form against other participants (or people in general), and this applies to all manners of communication and all situations within and around this project. Everyone is expected to follow the principles of the safer larping package, and work together to create a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.


Inclusivity, not discrimination

There’ll be no discriminating against others for any reason, and no behavior that sanctifies discrimination by others. Discrimination and inequality that is based on ethnicity, sexuality or gender is not part of the story we tell either, and we won’t tolerate anyone bringing in such themes.

Inclusivity is our top priority, and the involvement and effect of people is part of TMWDK’s DNA. No part of the game is to be to run or played in a manner that excludes others from participating for any other than story based reasons. An exception here are live-scenes, which we can only run in limited areas and sizes. These attributes are however always openly justified and are never based on exclusion.


Compersion, not comparison

We want people to have a good time, and to be able to have a positive experience regardless of the capacity in which they participate or contribute.

This project is NOT about comparison. Everyone’s contribution is equally valuable. Participation should always be based on what gives one energy instead of draining it, and it should not be something that creates stress.

People have different resources in time, emotional and financial capacity, and the game will adjust to everyone using them as best befits their situation. Everyone needs to respect other peoples choices in this.



We value communication and openness. We value openness and vulnerability over promising and not doing. We value trust and respect. We understand and forgive.

In TMWDK we aim to create a community where we feel comfortable to let other people know how we’re doing, what we need and how we can be helped. In this spirit we encourage people to be open about situations where they might not be able to play or create like they’d planned to, and they won’t be shamed for it. There is no shame in changing circumstances.

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