The Monster We Don't Know

Co-creation process

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A platform for creativity

The Monster We Don’t Know is based entirely on including people in the creative processes of making this game happen. This project is as much about the journey of creation as it is about the story.

TMWDK can be thought of as a platform on which people around the world can design, produce and run parts of the story. The core team facilitates this process by coordinating the efforts, maintaining coherence of the game and making sure contributions are meaningful and are seen.


Become a game runner!

You can join us in running the game, in the capacity that fits your situation. Become the lead runner of an entire faction, or just help us create plots or run practical stuff. Your contribution is welcome!

All you need to do is fill the sign up form and we’ll be in touch!


Create art, crafts and stories

The game has infinite opportunities for creative work, like drawing, crafting, writing and making audio visual content. By joining us as a creative force, you’ll be part of enabling and envisioning the game. All of these can be part of the playing experience too.


Coordinated efforts

For an organic co-creative effort to function, the project has defined participation roles that can be combined, as well as pipelines and processes to bring ideas into fruition. These help in answering needs that the game runners have.

They are simple and exist to make sure nothing is lost in a sea of communication, and that everyone has an equal opportunity create stuff that is needed for the game.

Creating doesn’t always have to happen for an existing need. Props, graphics, audiovisual elements and stories can inspire others to create scenes and plots around them. Creative processes work in both directions throughout the project.


Making the creative work visible

We’re big on showing everyone the cool things the co-creators have made. With everyone we mean everyone. The journey of creating this game will be documented on social media. With permissions form people involved, we will release images and videos from behind the scenes and community created fun stuff, bloopers etc. We want to have All The Documentation, we really don’t think there is a “too much” limit here.

The story will also be chronicled publicly on the website, all with permissions form co-creators and people that can be recognized in the posts.

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