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American Hunters

American hunters

Post has published by Vera Schneider

American hunters refers to the hunter community in the United States, which is well known for being a bit of a wild west. This is attributed to the fact that their chapter of Men of Letters got obliterated in 1958 by a Prince of Hell, Abaddon. 

This is a stain on the whole organization, since the Princes of Hell were thought to be wiped out in the dawn of times, and even the highest level of knowledge didn’t know one still existed. No new chapter was established, since connections between the American chapter and others had seceded for some reason even before the incident.

It’s known that the British Men of Letters launched a very unfortunate attempt to reinstate the organization in America some years ago. This attempt went seriously sideways, but no details were made public and any real facts are hard to come by. 

The general understanding is that the local headquarters, a bunker, and by that a large part of the organizations archives had ended up in the hands of a couple of legacies. These legacies are hunters by blood, and mostly run hunter operations from the bunker. They refused to reinstate Men of Letters control, fought them, won, and now maintain the autonomous culture of American hunters almost fanatically.

In Britain this is a thorn in their side, for other Europeans it’s mostly amusing. Some think it’s silly from the American legacies to refuse the organization, but largely members of European factions respect their choice. Many lovingly refer to the Americans as cowboys, referring to the “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude and lack of organization. Many European hunters on the other hand low-key idolize the Americans for their freedom.

There are some connections to the Americans, mostly formed by practitioners of the occult and hunters, but rarely by operatives.

We do not wish to involve any characters from the tv-show directly in this game. This is why we don’t refer to the Winchesters by name, but only as legacies. It’s irrelevant to the game who they are. The American hunters will come into play during the story and those hunters will be some that share information with the legacies, but we will never directly involve the main characters in this game.

If it makes you feel fluffy (it does me), take comfort in knowing that in this game your message might reach the Winchesters, and you might kind of get a second hand response from them.

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