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Defence Lines

Published: Category:Hunter's DiaryWritten by: Vera Schneider

They’re drawn on a map crisscrossing all around Europe Lines that divide lands into areas of defence. They trace the borders of countries where crossing over isn’t as easy as it was before. The lines are broad strokes over land where there is countryside and less people, and intricate mazes where the population is dense.

Just a couple of months prior none of this existed. Just like no one had strategized over defending the entire continent of Europe. But after a month of restrictions and surveillance, a rampant virus crippling the entire world, skeleton sized crews of hunters and operatives couldn’t respond to the practical onslaught of cases.

Of course it had happened like this. The distractions and chaos created the perfect atmosphere for things to go unnoticed. Of course the vast underground population of monsters took immediate advantage of it. And it was worse than just the regular bad guys giving everyone hell – there were cases of demonic activity to go with it. And bored, isolated and scared people did all kinds of stupid stuff with things they didn’t understand.

That’s why where those lines were drawn across maps, there are sigils and runes peppered on rocks, doors and walls. They can be found in the wild, under bridges, in abandoned buildings and hidden under carpets in public spaces. Printed of posters and slapped on lampposts even. Wherever they go unnoticed, even for a bit.

The defence lines of warding sigils and spells at least help slow the onslaught and make it controllable. Through international, arduous efforts, the Men of Letters Factions have gotten back on top of the situation. For the first time in history even hunters are organized over country borders, and fully involved in the efforts of maintaining the defence lines.

It is a weird time of contradictions where new is created in order to preserve the old. And maybe everyone is sensing that after this new way of doing things, there might not be going back to what was before.

But thinking about that will have to wait. The defence lines are prone to breaking and need to be maintained all the time. The world hasn’t stopped spinning and new, weird stuff keeps popping up on the radar.

It’s a busy time to be in the family business. 

The game begins soon and players are about to receive their characters, as well as the first information on what kinds of missions they’ll be playing. The defence lines are part of the game, giving players the opportunity to claim surrounding spaces as part of the game.

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