The Monster We Don't Know
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The game is set in the Supernatural universe

TMWDK expands the Supernatural universe into Scandinavian and Finnish lore, and takes some liberties to accommodate the needs of the game.

No canon characters appear as player characters in this game, but they might be referenced to.

Player characters represent hunters, members of the Men of Letters from various international factions, and some individuals not directly linked to either main group. The story is split into five episodes.

This game is a non-profit creation from fans for fans, and does not claim ownership over any official SPN content.

To play TMWDK is to…

  1. Create your own character with help from the runners
  2. Sign up for live-action scenes in your area
  3. Hunt, solve puzzles and create character drama
  4. Document your actions and share them with others
  5. Play online RPG in scenes or in emergent play
  6. Co-create a chronicled story on an online platform
  7. Decide yourself when, where and how you want to play
  8. Become a part of an inclusive, international family

A remote live role-playing experience in the Supernatural Universe

Participation is free!

You don’t need any prior experience before joining. There are two ways you can participate: join or create a faction, or join as a co-creator in making the game.

As in table-top, in this game you play one character. They are either a hunter of monsters or an operative of the Men of Letters, with a few choice exceptions. The game runners and co-creators bring the universe to life, improvising around the plot as you move the story forwards.

The game combines audio, video and text channels for playing, as well as live-action missions where possible. TMWDK contains character driven drama, puzzles, mysteries and scavenger hunting.

TMWDK is played in episodes, each lasting max. 1 month. This enables us to bring new players on board during the game.

Come and join in the hunt! It’ll take everyone to find The Monster We Don’t Know!

Join the Hunt!

Join as a player and get teamed up with other players in your area, or if a local faction doesn’t exist yet, help us establish one!

With the same form you can also join us as a co-creator to help bring the world to life and run the project!

Become familiar with the rules and the code-of-conduct before signing up. For more information on the sign up process, read the sign up info.


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